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Chairman’s Message

Sujatha School was founded by my late mother Mrs. Sita Jai Singh five decades ago.  As an educationalist, her goal was to groom children to be valuable members of the society by providing holistic education to them. Thousands of students who have left the portals of this institution are successful in their chosen field today, […]

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A teacher not only teaches to read and write but is also there as a guide, friend and philosopher. We believe in building a relationship with the child. They not only provide information they are also present as a counsellor, who can guide the children to process the vast information available. The advent of technology […]

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A Message to Parents

“It is a great honour to serve as the Principal of “Sujatha School”. Our vision is ‘putting children first and best’ as we pursue academic excellence in a strong framework. Education is a tripartite process, involving teacher, student and parents. We extend our warm invitation to every status of the society irrespective of any economic […]

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